HESEAP Fast-Track Degree Program

An online degree program that fits your busy schedule! With HESEAP, you can substantially reduce the cost of your bachelor’s degree without having to spend 4 years in college. In fact, the average HESEAP completion time, from enrollment to graduation is substantially less than a traditional degree program.

What is HESEAP?

HESEAP is an acronym for Higher Education Skills Equivalency Accreditation Program.  The HESEAP system is based upon the internationally recognized Philippine ETEEAP educational assessment program in which the student’s previous education and experience is evaluated and credited toward a college degree. 

How are CLC’s determined?

The HESEAP Academic Review Board determines the candidate’s knowledge, skills, prior education, experience, awards and achievements relevant to a course or field under USILACS’s academic programs. Consequently, CLC’s can potentially be awarded for equivalent classroom, laboratory, or workshops. Transfer credits for courses completed at other colleges or universities are awarded using the HESEAP program as well.  

How is HESEAP different?

This unique program uses equivalent competency standards, a comprehensive assessment system and combined assessment methodologies to assess the student’s previous college level education and experience. Based upon this assessment, qualified students are awarded Classroom Learning Credits, or CLC’s. The CLC award reduces the in-classroom time required for graduation; however, despite the level of CLC’s awarded, all students must complete all classroom assignments “homework”, and pass a comprehensive final exam in each subject prior to being given credit for any class or program. 

How does it work?

All USILACS students are required to take comprehensive final exams in each subject for which they received a CLC award. Any courses for which the student was not awarded a CLC will be completed in the traditional way. The Program consists of 40-courses, each with a final exam. Each successfully completed course earns three credits, for a total of 120 credits, which are needed for a Bachelor’s degree.

Our HESEAP Fast-Track Degree Program is the only accredited program of it’s kind that allows individuals to earn their Bachelor’s degree, while reducing both time and money.

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