In 2014, USILACS was created with the goal of providing quality international education thru a wide variety of language and cultural studies programs, cross-cultural training, and preparing students to utilize cultural intelligence (CQ) for the globalized environment.

One of the most defining features, which makes USILACS such a unique and desirable school, is that our school was founded by, and is still managed by, board members and senior management whom all fully share our school’s beliefs, morals and ethical standards. Everyone at our college is here to serve our students worldwide, and to assist them in their service to others.

Our school is legally registered with the United States of America as a non-profit organization. We have no desire to make any profit off our students.  All net profits earned by our school are donated to non-profit organizations which share our values and beliefs.

Unquestionably, we are here to serve you, not the other way around.