In 2014, USILACS was created with the goal of providing a quality international education thru language and cultural studies programs, cross-cultural training and preparing students to utilize cultural intelligence (CQ) for the globalized environment. Following the principle “you received free, give free”, in the beginning, the Board of Regents assisted many in providing this education at no charge.

As word spread around the world, the demand exploded. In order to keep up with growing demands, complex websites had to be built, additional lectures and courses had to be written, videos had to be produced, powerful computer servers had to be brought online in several places in the world, accreditation had to be achieved and then maintained, larger facilities had to be secured, and additional instructors, clerical and support staff had to be hired. A costly infrastructure had to be created and maintained. USILACS had indeed outgrown its free, all-volunteer stage.

The Board of Regents carefully counted the cost and weighed all factors. In a market survey, the Board of Regents discovered that the average cost of United States college attendance continues to increase year after year. For example, in 2019-2020, the average yearly cost of United States college tuition was $10,440 for public in-state schools, and $26,820 for public out-of-state schools; and again, that is per year. This brings the cost of a traditional four-year bachelor’s degree to between $41,760 ($348 per credit hour), and $107,280 ($894 per credit hour). Tuition is not the only cost. Additional costs such as textbooks, transportation, housing, and other expenses can at times double the cost of tuition at some schools. This was not at all the type of program USILACS was interested in duplicating.

Since the Board of Regents has never had any desire to ever make a profit from the students or to place any undue burdens on them. The Board of Regents set USILACS tuition at only $82.00 per credit hour.

USILACS students can now earn their bachelor’s degree for less than 5% the cost of the average US college!  

In addition to these fantastic tuition savings, utilizing the USILACS HESEAP Fast-Track Degree Program, qualified students can complete their degree in substantially less time than the average US College student.


Standard tuition for the entire 120-hour bachelor’s degree program is only $9,840; however, fully qualified USILACS HESEAP Fast-Track Degree Program tuition can be as low as $2,495.

We also offer several attractive discount plans and financing options.